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NFT Skins for DayZ


Skin-Z is currently under active development. Check back later for links to the Mod and the NFT minting!

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Why is this Necessary?

1. NFTs for DayZ? What?

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What are NFTs?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unit of data stored on a digital ledger, called a blockchain, that certifies a digital asset to be unique and therefore not interchangeable. → Wikipedia

Why integrate NFTs into DayZ?

NFTs are really interesting for gaming. DayZ is, at the same time, very easy to modify. Bringing digital ownership to assets in game is something that DayZ is well positioned to take part in.
More-so, I believe the style of weapon skinning in DayZ lends itself very well to digital ownership. Players personally owning these skins, rather than a number in some individual servers database, provides for a unique gaming experience.

Is this just a complex way to avoid BI monetization policy?

Bohemia Interactive does not allow mods to be sold, assets to be locked behind pay walls, or benefits to be gained as reword for Donations. Integration NFTs into DayZ does bring us close to the line here.
Being that there is a limited number of these NFTs, as well that the integration of NFTs in and of itself does not break this policy, I don't believe this is infringing on the policy.

I ask myself, would integrating an NFT created by someone else, such as CryptoPunks, be breaching the monetization policy? I don't think so. I believe that same logic applies here.

Is this project truly decentralized?

All NFT metadata is stored on IPFS. The website is stored on IPFS. The mod communicates with the blockchain directly. Post-mint, I will not need to run any centralized server to provide any data for these NFTs.

So, yes? I think so.

2. How will this work?

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I need to connect a wallet?

Skin-Z is an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain. You'll need an Ethereum Web3 compatible wallet to mint (such as metamask!).
If you're new to Web3 and Ethereum, don't worry. There is tons of useful information available for it! Here are a few:
- How to use Metamask
- How to use Metamask to buy an NFT

I need to use the "Arbitrum" mainnet?

To keep gas fees low. Skin-Z is launching on the Arbitrum mainnet Arb1.
You can bridge your Ethereum to arbitrum on their official website (verify this site!).

It says all NFTs are sold out?

Only a limited number of Skins will be sold during generation one. Sorry, but you'll need to check back in the future!

Every few months a new generation will be mintable with new art and skins by new artists.

Why are Skins so Expensive?

During this initial generation, the skins can be minted for 0.01 ETH. This will cover the cost of the artwork.

Future generations will remain the same price, however profits will be split among the artists.

I get an error when trying to mint!

Uh oh! This is really unexpected. My hope is that the error message will be clear enough to sort out on your own. If you're reading this, that's not the case.
Try increasing your gas limit or reloading the page to see if you just barely missed the last mint.

I am on mobile! How can I mint?

Web3 mobile apps should work. I personally recommend the Metamask app for iOS and Android.

What is in the DayZ Mod?

The DayZ mod contains the 2D artwork for skins. No new weapons or 3D models exist.
Included is a user-friendly UI to apply skins onto gear players currently have on them.

How does the mod know what NFTs I own?

You will need to link your Steam account to your Ethereum wallet containing the NFT.

The mod directly calls Web3 JSON apis to find the NFTs in your linked wallets.

Why are there multiple mods on the Steam Workshop?

The first mod contains vanilla skins and the base code for Skin-Z. All subsequent mods add 3rd party gear skins, such as DayZ-Expansion.

Can I build on top of the mod?

Yes. If you would like to implement a unique way to apply skins on your server, such as with Spraypaint, that is allowed. As well, you can make skins freely available in the loot table.

You can not:
1. Provide skins to all players
2. Prevent skins from being applied intentionally (bugs happen!)
3. Sell skins in your in-game currency (such as through vending machines).

Can I monetize my server with Skin-Z?

Yes. There is no restriction to monetizing except that the Skins provided in Skin-Z cannot be sold.

I have an error message when launching the mod!

I try and keep the mod updated. If this happens, please reach out to me on Discord or Twitter.

How many NFTs are there?

The first generation of NFTs will have 5,000 skins. Future generations may have more or less depending on the artwork count.

What are generations?

Every few months, I would like to work with a new group of artists to provide more skins. These will be released as their own NFTs and will have their own mints.

So every generation is a new group of NFTs for new skins. Skins from previous generations will never be minted a second time.

NFTs are cool. What about tokens?

Skin-Z is focused on NFT and skin artwork. As a part of this mod, Web3 integration for DayZ will be necessary. So I expect to release Web3 as a standalone mod in the future.

What about non-weapon skins?

Future generations will include skins for other items, such as clothing and tools.

3. Neat! How can I get involved?

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Are you a 2D artist?

Interested in doing NFT artwork for an upcoming generation? Reach out on twitter!

Are you a 3D artist?

Have some interesting idea for item skins? Every generation will have new artists. Reach out and maybe your skins can be in an upcoming generation!

Want skins for your mod?

Right now Skin-Z supports vanilla DayZ gear and DayZ-Expansion gear. If you have a mod that's available for any server to make use of, I'd love to discuss onboarding you for a future generation of skins!

Do you run a DayZ Server?

Only you can make this NFT fun for players.

The Skin-Z mod is meant to seamlessly integrate into your server. Including the mod gives the NFT owners servers which they can show off their Art!

Have experience in web dev?

As you can tell from this website, I am not an expert in this field. I'd love help, input, or even just feedback!

Spread the word!

The more servers I can onboard to run the Skin-Z mod, the better the experience will be for NFT owners.